Wowwee Lite Sprite Wand With Prisma Sprite And Pod

The Lite Sprites come from Lite-Topia, an enchanted world full of different lights and colors. There are a range of toy characters for children to collect. Prisma herself is leader of all the Sprites, and this set comes with her figurine in her own little pod as well as the Lite Wand that your child will need if they’re going to interact with other characters from the series.

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The main selling point of the Lite Sprites range is the way in which the Lite Wand can recognize colors from the world around us, when your child points it at a certain objects. The light at the end of the wand will light up. When they point the wand at Prisma, she’ll change to match that color. When kids find a color they like, they can point it at other Lite Sprites from the range and change their color too.

Features Of The Prisma And Lite Wand

* Includes Lite Wand and Prisma character,
* Prisma comes with 10 favorite colors,
* Prisma comes with her own Forest Pod,
* Learn different color games,
* Cast color spells,
* The Lite Wand can capture colors of objects around the home,
* Use the Lite Wand to send this color to Prisma,
* Makes magical sounds and colorful lights,
* Interacts with Lite Sprites playsets,
* Uses 4x AAA batteries (not included).

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If you’ve got a little girl, then you may already know that this is a “must have” item for the holiday season. What this means is there are many little girls who all want the same gift, so you’ll need to buy it early to make sure you can find it in stock! As for which girls it will appeal to, the manufacturer recommends it for ages 4 and up.

Although 10 colors come with the Lite Wand on a separate color wheel, it’s designed for kids to find new ones by exploring the objects around them and absorbing the colors. In this sense the set encourages kids to become more observant of their surroundings, and more creative as they search for a color that they’ve never used before. The wand will store colors if your child wants to bring them with them somewhere else.

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The fact that you can “absorb” colors with the wand and change the color of the Lite Sprite is fun, but it’s a novelty that could quickly wear off. Thankfully it’s not the only thing that kids can do with the Lite Sprite. There are a few different games on the Lite Wand – such needing to find the color that it shows you before the time runs out – or you can use the characters as a nightlight (Prisma stays lit up for around 12 minutes).

Wowwee Lite Sprite Wand With Prisma Sprite And Pod