Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Action Wing Pack

Buzz Lightyear and the gang certainly found themselves in a serious predicament at the beginning of Toy Story 3. Finding themselves accidentally delivered to a day-care center instead of carefully placed in the attic, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of the gang have to find their way back home.

The quirky and personality-filled Buzz Lightyear has always been a fan-favorite and children who are beyond figurines and dolls may prefer bypassing the status-quo. If this is the case in your household, the Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Action Wing Pack may turn out to be just the holiday gift you’ve been looking for.

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Designed like back-pack, the Deluxe Action Wing Pack will transform your child from a little boy into an adventurous Space Ranger. With the simple push of a button, his wings will pop out of the sides, the lights on the tips will glow, and Buzz’s voice will begin chanting some of his most popular phrases.

When your young one tips his body the sensors inside the pack will know that it is in horizontal position. Before you know it, flying sounds will automatically resound from the pack’s speakers. Pushing the button on the chest of the pack will retract the wings.

With the Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Action Wing Pack, watch with joy as your little boy reenacts his favorite Toy Story 3 scenes, taking his imagination straight out to infinity and beyond!