Snap Circuits SC-300

Educational toys have come a long way. Playing with wooden blocks may seem a little outdated when compared to Snap Circuits, the science and electricity educational toy. With this toy, children will become familiar with electricity and how circuits work. Everything is laid out in a fun and easy to understand way.

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With the Snap Circuits SC-300 kit, children will have plenty of fun things to build. This educational toy comes to life as children assemble the pieces to create things like: a doorbell, burglar alarms, and even a radio. Children will be able to use the creative part of their minds while they learn at the same time.

Here are some of the features of The Snap Circuits SC-300 Kit:

Create over 300 fun electrical projects with over 60 color-coded snap parts
No extra tools required
All of the pieces snap together like a snap on a pair of pants
4 AA batteries are required and they must be purchased separately
Suggested for ages 8 and up

What comes in the box?

Electrical snap pieces
Plastic grid that all the pieces will snap to
2 detailed step by step instruction manuals

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The idea behind Snap Circuits is creating fun electrical based projects that not only teach the fundamentals of how electricity and circuits work, but they also unleash creativity while keeping the fun factor at a maximum. Kids love to build things and some kids love to take things apart even more. Snap Circuits satisfies both. They are like the Legos of the circuit world.

Snap circuits might sound a little complicated, but they are very easy to assemble. Each piece is color coded and complete with easy to read symbols that make identification easy. The project instructions don’t go into all that much detail, but they are easy to follow.

It is difficult to find a toy that provides fun and education at the same exact time, but Snap Circuits are just that. They are a fun and educational toy that kids love to play with. Circuits are explained and the basic building blocks of putting together functional electronics starts to become familiar. Kids get a real satisfaction knowing that they have just built an actual working fan, radio or doorbell. It puts a huge smile on their faces, and creates a great sense of confidence and self esteem.

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Once children start to understand the fundamentals, they will start creating their own wild and crazy circuit designs, but don’t worry there is not enough juice flowing through the circuits to cause any harm if they put something together wrong.

Snap Circuits are recommended for kids eight and up, but older kids like teenagers might not stay interested in the projects. They may need something a little more challenging. There are more complex Snap Circuits that can challenge even the smartest “know it all” teenager. These kits do come with small parts that are a choking hazard so they are not recommended for kids 3 and under.

The Snap Circuits SC-300 is a great toy that will challenge young minds and teach them at the same time. It is an inexpensive toy that any kid who loves putting together things like Legos will really enjoy. The end result is much different. They will have an actual real live working circuit, and once they have completed it, they will have just as much fun taking it apart and getting ready for the next project.

Snap Circuits SC-300