Simon Flash

If you’re a fan of the original Simon memory game, then the new Simon Flash will go down well in your household. This new game is set to make waves this holiday season, combining a number of different games into one. The original game uses four different colored lights. To win, you must memorize the order the lights appear in. As you get further in the game, the sequence you need to memorize gets longer and longer.

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This new Simon Flash toy has a number of different modes to keep things interesting:

* The yellow game requires you to line up the cubes to get the lights to turn off,
* The red game mixes up the colors of the cubes, leaving you to put them back in their original order,
* The blue game requires you to get the same color on all four of the cubes,
* The green game is the classic Simon memory game.

What Do You Get With The Simon Flash Game?

* 4 electronic cubes,
* Game rules,
* Case,
* 8 AAA batteries,
* Quick-play card.

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This game is certainly fun. It has enough to it to keep the whole family occupied for hours at a time, thanks to the four different game modes. The great thing about this game is that it’s totally fair – the younger kids have just as much of a chance of winning as the adults do!

You can play the Simon Flash game with as many players as you like – whether that means on your own or with the whole family. Although it’s recommended for ages eight and above, younger kids can and do have a great time joining in.

The fact that the game is so small means it’s a good game to take with you when you travel. Keep the kids entertained in the back of the car while you try to navigate, or bring it with you as a game you can all play together while on vacation.

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The one downside of this game is that it may seem a little expensive for what it is. At around $25, it’s still cheap, but it does cost a little more than some other family games you can buy. Aside from the price, the only other downside is that it needs eight batteries to run. These are included, but future batteries could be a little costly.

All in all, Simon Flash makes an excellent holiday gift for the whole family. Toys that bring people together should be treasured, and Simon Flash can do that, or keep you entertained when you’re alone.

Simon Flash