Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo

Let’s Rock Elmo is the newest Elmo toy from the Sesame Street. Fully interactive, this toy is designed to encourage your child’s music skills while they have fun playing or dancing along to Elmo’s music! Perfect for preschoolers who love the Elmo character.

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Let’s Rock Elmo Features

* Elmo model with his own microphone,
* Also includes bongos and a tambourine,
* Elmo recognizes which instrument you give him and will play along with you,
* Elmo can recognize new instruments too (sold separately),
* 6 songs built in,
* Uses 6 AA batteries (included).

This is an interactive Elmo toy designed to play music alongside your child. Whether your child jams along with the bongos or the tambourine, Elmo will recognize the instrument that you choose to give him to play, and play along with them, moving around at the same time. There are six songs built into the toy.

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Elmo is a huge part of any child’s life, and any toy featuring this adorable character is likely to go down well with young kids. Let’s Rock Elmo, in particular, is recommended for children between the ages of 18 months and 4 years old. The good news is that there are no small parts, making it safe even for the very youngest children.

In terms of how this toy will benefit your child, it’s fantastic for keeping them occupied for long periods of time. Further than that, however, it helps them to learn more about rhythm and music, as well as developing their motor skills thanks to the way your child will interact with the included microphones.

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The cost of this toy is the main factor that could put some parents off. As with most interactive toys, it doesn’t come cheap. It can get even more expensive, however, if you decide to buy some of the accessories, such as the Let’s Rock Keyboard or Let’s Rock Guitar. That said, by purchasing these extras there’ll be much more scope for what your child can do with this toy.

Thankfully, Let’s Rock Elmo is durable, and will last long enough for your child to grow up with it before they move onto other toys. The only real complaint is that the arms can come out of place if your child pulls too hard (though they can be put back in again).

As with any other musical toys, there is a potential for Let’s Rock Elmo to annoy the adults in the household, especially given the limited number of songs included. Thankfully, however, it can keep your child’s attention for long periods of time, and is, on the whole, an excellent choice of toy for young children this holiday season.

Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo