Remote Control Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Truck

This is one hot item! The Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Truck is an electric powered hit with kids who like action! Ideal for kids starting their RC toy truck collection, this remote controlled monster truck is a cheap buy for the good quality RC offers in its line of toys. The remote control is made for small hands. Kids get the hang of the controls quickly and start having fun with the push of a button.

This truck is bigger than you would think, coming in at 15.6 pounds, this monster truck is over two feet long and one and a half feet high with nine inch wheels! The Fast Lane Wild fire Monster Truck works on and off road, features lights and sounds and comes with a rechargeable battery and battery charger.

Is the Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Truck a good buy for your child?

RC always offers a great value for the price you pay. This powerful truck is designed for boys ages 6 and up. Safety aspects such as injury by the antenna and remote control malfunctions have been taken into consideration and safeguarded. When purchasing the Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Truck, one may want to consider purchasing additional batteries so no interruptions in monster truck play take place! The toy takes either 5 regular batteries or 1 rechargeable battery. For hours of fun for your child, this green RC truck is a choice selection!