LEGO Ninjago Limited Edition Set #2521 Lightning Dragon Battle

New for 2011, the Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle is a limited edition set from Lego. This set comes with a range of different characters, as well as an impressive dragon model and helicopter. This makes a great gift for any child who likes Lego, or anyone collecting sets from the Ninjago range specifically.

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The story behind the Lightning Dragon Battle set is that of the ninja Sensei Wu, who has been captured by Frakjaw and Kruncha. They’ve also stolen the nunchucks of lightning, and taken them all away in their helicopter. It’s up to the Lightning Dragon and Jay to work to save Sensei Wu and get the weapons back before they can escape to the underworld. But it’s not going to be easy, as the helicopter is equipped with a number of different weapons.

Features Of The Lego Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle

* Limited edition product,
* 4 minifigures included: Sensei Wu, Kruncha, Jay and Frakjaw,
* Exclusive skull chopper pilot and spinner included,
* Includes a number of weapons: 2 spears, sword, silver mace, 2 golden spears, golden blade, nunchucks of lightning and staff,
* Helicopter is 4 inches wide by 10 inches tall,
* Lightning Dragon is 18 inches wide by 19 inches tall,
* You can snap the Lightning Dragon’s Jaws or spit out lethal lightning balls,
* The Lightning Dragon has pose-able wings, limbs and tail,
* 645 pieces in total.

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There’s something about ninjas that kids just love. They’re excellent fighters, and you just never know where one could be hiding! The Ninjago Lego range tells the story of the good ninja Sensei Wu, looking to protect the town against his evil brother. This latest set is a new chapter in the story.

The detail on the Ninjago minifigures is excellent. From Sensei Wu’s wise-looking beard to Kruncha’s scary face and skeleton body – these are like no other Lego minifigures before them. Some characters are featured in other sets on the Ninjago range, but they often include subtle differences (such as different weapons or coloring).

The models themselves – the skeleton helicopter and the Lightning Dragon – look excellent once you’ve put them together. Building them is a challenge, but nothing too off-putting for kids between the ages of 8 and 14. Once building is complete, there are spaces for the minifigures to fit inside the helicopter or on top of the Lightning Dragon as kids recreate the famous battle.

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The one downside that most parents will notice about this set is the fact that it doesn’t come cheap. However, when you consider just how much you get from this set – 645 pieces total, to make a helicopter and a dragon – the cost isn’t too bad at all. And the set is certainly unique!

In short, if you have a child who is already into the Ninjago Lego range, then there’s no doubt this will be a welcome addition to their collection. If not, it’s still a very high quality limited addition toy that any Lego fan will be happy to play with. The only thing you need to watch out for is whether it stays in stock over the holiday period.

LEGO Ninjago Limited Edition Set #2521 Lightning Dragon Battle