Lazer Stunt Chaser Dragonfire RC Car

If you’ve got an RC vehicle fan in the family then there are a range of different toys to choose from this holiday season. For an option that lets kids create their own stunts, and drive at insanely fast speeds, the Lazer Stunt Chaser RC vehicles could be just the right toy!

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Lazer Stunt Chaser RC Vehicle Features

* Comes in red and blue designs,
* 1:32 scale,
* Speeds over 300mph,
* 40 foot control range,
* Can perform a range of stunts,
* Car chases the light from the remote control,
* Wheels light up and change color,
* Rechargeable battery with battery deck charger,
* Wireless infra red remote,
* Stunt ramp included,
* Instruction guide.

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This RC car is specially designed to perform a range of stunts, and it has a two sided design that means it’s always the right side up, even if it gets flipped over. It drives really fast, which is always popular with children! There are many ways to control the car, either with the directional pad on the remote or simply by shining the light on the remote and letting the car chase after it.

Kids can get together and play with friends thanks to the fact that there are two channels on the remote to prevent interference. The remote can also be used from around 40 feet away, which is a good distance in most homes. The Lazer Stunt Chaser RC vehicles should only be used indoors, and kids should avoid any collisions which could damage the car.

The Lazer Stunt Chaser cars use eight AA batteries to run: two in the remote, and six in the charger. These aren’t included with the toy. The car takes about 30 minutes to charge, which isn’t too bad, but you will only get 15-20 minutes of play with each charge.

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Another potential negative is the fact that it can take a while to learn the stunts and properly control the car. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, as it teaches kids patience and they will have fun as they learn. The manufacturer recommends the toy for ages four and above, so it is easier to use than some other RC toys on the market today.

In short, the speed, agility and lights on the Lazer Chaser RC vehicle make it impressive for kids to play with. They can create cool stunts both on and off the included ramp, and have a lot of fun while they do. The vehicle is affordable as far as RC cars go, but the main downside is the fact that you’re going to need to keep replacing the batteries in the charger.

Lazer Stunt Chaser Dragonfire RC Car