Imaginext Bigfoot The Monster Roaring Onto Shelves

The Imaginext Bigfoot remote controlled monster comes to life with the push of a button. Watch your child laugh and play with the world famous Bigfoot!

The remote control comes with seven different buttons which control the emotions of Bigfoot. By pushing these buttons Bigfoot walks forward or backward, can become angry, happy, fun, and sleepy, want to exercise or even throw a ball! On command, Bigfoot will laugh, roar and pound his fists and change his facial expressions. When Bigfoot falls asleep, you can even hear his dreams!

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Bigfoot is a great choice for your child this season because he is not only fun to interact with but encourages exercise! Watch your child play along while Bigfoot lifts weights and does somersaults. When Bigfoot feels like he is done exercising he will simply say “No more!” When you buy this monster of a toy, you’ll receive a remote control and a ball that Bigfoot can toss around. Bigfoot will even laugh when your child tickles his tummy.

The Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster is one hot item for the 2010 holiday season! Bigfoot is suggestively retailed at $112.99 but many websites and retail stores offer him at a cheaper rate. Bigfoot weighs approximately nine pounds, is over one foot tall and comes with a NiMH 9.6 volt battery and battery recharger. The remote control requires 2 AA batteries, and the buttons are easily identified with symbols instead of words, so your child won’t be confused when deciding what he or she would like Bigfoot to do next! Fisher-Price produces quality products, and the Imaginext Bigfoot The Monster is no exception. This toy will be an instant success with your child and provide hours of fun play in and out of the house!