Fur Real Friends Cookie Puppy

The FurReal Friends range of pets have been popular with children for years now, designed as realistic toy pets for your children, without all the responsibility of owning a real animal. Cookie My Playful Pup is the latest addition to the series. She responds to things you say to her, and moves just like a real puppy. She’s been listed as one of Kmart’s Fab 15 Holiday Toys, and is bound to be popular with little boys and girls this holiday season.

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Features of Cookie My Playful Pup:

* 14 inches tall,
* Can sit or lie down,
* Soft fur,
* Comes with a squeaky toy bone,
* Makes a variety of puppy sounds,
* Responds to what you say,
* Wags her tail and moves when you pet her.

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It’s the little details that make all the difference, and Cookie really does look lifelike. As for what she can do, here’s the list of movements:

* She wags her tail and barks when you pet her on the head or back,
* She moves her head towards your hand when you pet her on the cheek,
* She may even fall asleep when you pet her for long enough,
* She makes crunching noises when you put the toy bone in her mouth,
* The best thing is she can even respond to what you say: she talks back to you in the form of little barks.

One negative is the fact that you need 4 C batteries to get Cookie to work. Although she comes with four included, these need to be replaced as they will have been used for the demo mode.

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Another downside to this toy is that it isn’t as soft as cuddly as a stuffed toy. It’s impossible due to the electronics included to get Cookie to move around. That said, Cookie is a lot softer than previous generations of the FurReal Friends toys, and is a lot more lifelike in the way she moves. She’s still soft enough for kids to cuddle, and the electronics will be more than worth it for the fact that kids can interact with their new friend.

If you’re a parent who isn’t yet ready to get a real pet, Cookie could be just the substitute you need for your children this holiday season. True, she costs a little more than your standard cuddly toy, and isn’t quite as soft, but she can do so much more too. She really does look like a real puppy!

Fur Real Friends Cookie Puppy