Cuponk by Hasbro Games Tricks, Challenge and Fun

Cuponk, one of the top 10 toys of 2010, is a family game that’s been making a sound in the toy industry.  Great fun for adults and kids alike, Cuponk is a simple yet stimulating game where the player tries to sink his or her ball in the cup which then lights up!

To start, a player picks a card from a deck of 30 cards called a Trick Deck.  Each card gives the number of tries allowed and the particular trick the player must perform.  When you play, be prepared to use tables, chairs and walls among other objects in order to perform your trick with a twist.  If the player successfully executes their trick they get to keep their card and it’s the next players turn.  If the player does not execute the trick within the allotted amount of turns, the next player in line must try to perform the trick. 

Cuponk isn’t extremely difficult, but is definitely not as easy as it sounds.  Perhaps the best thing about this game is the flexibility it offers players.   There are five blank cards so players can make their own elaborate tricks and players can make their own rules for winning.  Cuponk sets come with one cup, trick cards, balls and an instruction guide.  Each Cuponk set (there are three different sets available), offer different exclusive tricks! 

Cuponk is recommended for ages 9 and up and does require batteries to play. 

Gorillanator Cuponk makes a gorilla sound when a player gets the ball in the cup. 

El Campeon Cuponk comes with a funnel and makes wrestling sounds upon successful execution of a trick.

Let It R.I.P. Cuponk comes with killer zombie sounds.

Are you tired of watching your kids waste hours in front of television screens playing video games?  Would you like to see more wholesome family funtime in your life?  Then Cuponk is the choice for your family because it encourages stimulating creativity and improves hand-eye coordination!

– Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
CHOKING HAZARD – Toy contains a small ball. Not for children under 3 yrs.