Barbie Video Girl

She’s a doll. Wait. No. She’s a camera. Wait. No. She’s both! Little girls in love with Barbie will find the distinct blend of old and new contained within the Barbie Video Girl Doll absolutely astounding. Her cool looks will allow her to easily blend in with the rest of your Barbie collection but you’ll know there’s something extra special about her.

So how does the camera work? Barbie’s necklace is a video camera lens. If you lift up the hood of her shirt at the back you’ll find a LCD monitor screen and three simple buttons. Simply push the record button and you’re in business.

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There are three styles to choose from:

Barbie Video Girl Doll

Barbie Video Girl Brunette Doll

Barbie Video Girl African-American Doll

Getting your little girl’s videos off of Barbie is easy, too. The Barbie video doll comes with a USB cord so that you can quickly transfer your video from the doll to your computer, whether you have Windows or a Mac. Once you have your doll you can go to and download a copy of the company’s free video editing software.

Barbie Video Girl is recommended for children ages 8 and up. She stands about 12 inches tall, requires 2 “AAA” batteries for operation, and record up to 25 minutes of data at a time. Your little girl will love recording the world through the eyes of her favorite Barbie!